Tottori Fut Bourbon Japanese Whisky

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Produced in Japan, this Tottori is a sweet and smooth blended whisky, aged in white oak barrels. Blending carefully-selected high-quality malt and grain, Matsui has crafted a light and refreshing whisky with a crisp and fruity aftertaste. Pure mineral water filtered through volcanic rock from the mountain is used cut the spirit to proof.
Kurayoshi the foothills of Mt. Daisen, here has a fine water that is indispensable for whisky distilling. Kurayoshi, called that "Life is good" is the origin of the word, but the annual temperature range in the Sea of Japan side is large, and the aging of whisky also advances quickly compared to the actual situation like Islay Island. It is no exaggeration to say that whiskey is made by barrel and the nature. Our distillery is not big, we have a small number of staff, however, we will continue to strive all the staff with the desire to deliver the best whisky.
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Product Code ZW1322F
Bottles per case 1
Bottle Size 50cl
Country Japan
Alcohol % by Vol. 43.0%
Alcohol Units 21.5
Colour Amber
Type Whisky
Closure Type Cork Stopper
Style Whisky
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