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  1. Contrabando 5 Year Old Rum, Dominican Republic
    90% of 100

    Transport yourself to the Caribbean with a chilled glass of Contrabando served with a small amount of ice or the classic rum cocktail, Dark & Stormy (see below for recipe). This rum, so named after the days when rum was exported illegally from the Dominican Republic to Western Europe, is a hand-crafted and authentic dark rum made from the finest molasses.

    On the nose there are enticing sweet vanilla, fresh coconut and tropical fruit aromas. In the mouth there is the perfect blend of toasted and balsamic flavours provided by oak barrel ageing.

    Gold Medal: Congreso Internacional del Ron 2013

    Dark & Stormy: In a highball glass, pour in 50ml of Contrabando and a few drops of lime juice and of Angostura bitters. Add 120ml Ginger-ale, a slice of lime and fill with ice.

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  2. Ocumare Anejo Rum, Venezuela

    In Venezuela it is forbidden to alter rum with substances that contribute colour, flavour or aroma in an artificial way, also they must be aged for at least two years. These rules distinguish Venezuelan rum from the rest of the world and in 2014 Venezuela was recognised worldwide with the best rum awards in the world and the best distillery in the world at the International Tasting Contest held in Madrid, Spain.

    Ocumare Anejo is a dark rum matured in bourbon barrels for three years and named after the Venezuelan city where it's made - Ocumare del Tuy. It's round and well-balanced with aromas of vanilla, and cocoa while flavours of praline, sweet cinnamon and hints of cigar box fill the mouth. Great in cocktails and, unusually, it goes very well with chocolate.

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  3. Maison La Mauny Heritage 1749 Rhum Ambre Agricole

    Maison La Mauny 1749 Ambré hails from the Caribbean island of Martinique where rum is made from raw cane juice instead of molasses.

    Aged for eighteen months in oak barrels and a few extra months in Port casks this rich rum is straw yellow with light glints of gold. The aroma is dominated by warm sugar, spices and fine woody notes. It has a supple and delicately mellow taste, with woody nuances and notes of warm sugar and caramel. The pleasant, fruity finish is characterised by delightful woody notes.

    Gold medal: The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2017

    Silver medal: The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2018 Aged Rhum Agricole Category

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  4. Rum of Martinique, JM Paille
    J.M. Gold displays a rich sugarcane flavour that has beautiful viscosity on the palate. The rich golden colour is a simple result from the time it has been naturally aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels for a period of 12 months. Raw sugarcane and warm gingerbread flavours are softened by hints of vanilla and hazelnut from its short time in oak. J.M Gold is a rum that demonstrates a brilliant balance of terroir with an introduction of wood alchemy that works exceptionally well in cocktails. Learn More
  5. HSE Rhum Blanc Agricole, Martinique
    The HSE Blanc 2012 vintage is a selection of the most characteristic distillates from 2012 and is only 1% of the Martinique distillery's annual production. Two long years of ripening, mixing and slow reduction give this vintage, elegance and aromatic finesse despite it packing a huge punch at 50% abv. The nose opens with aromas of orange blossom sweet almond and exotic fruits subtly enhanced with notes of white pepper. The mouth offers notes of white flowers, clementine and fine spices that structure the profile while on the finish there are beautiful buttery notes. Learn More
  6. HSE Rhum Vieux Agricole, En Futs de Chene, Martinique
    A medal-winning Martinique rum with 3 years oak barrel ageing that gives it a unique character. The nose and mouth have an enchanting balance: pepper and smoky notes attack the senses first, then come beautiful melted vanilla notes, and a little taste of bourbon. Gold Medal: Concours Generals Agricole, Paris 2016 Learn More
  7. Summum Reserva Especial Rum, Dominican Republic
    Summum is a latin word which describes the absolute excellence, the maximum and is a perfect description of this Dominican rum. Created by the master distiller Juan Alberto & Alvarez, who has extensive experience in the art of rum and is well known in the Caribbean. Summum rum is aged using the solera process for ageing spirits, in which barrels containing older spirits are topped off and married with younger spirit from other barrels as the angel's share takes its toll. Extremely smooth, complex and warm with rich and enticing aromas of vanilla, prunes and roasted caramel entice you in while a second sniff around the glass finds notes of oak and vanilla, the effect of so many years spent in oak casks. A sip from the glass reveals a sweet, smoothness. There is a lot of vanilla at the front, followed by sweet dry almond notes on the mid-palate. The body is smooth and silky on the tongue, giving the rum an incredibly pleasant mouth-feel. Slight alcohol and rum heat on the finish with a long tongue tingling spiciness. Learn More
  8. Angostura 1824 Rum Aged 12 years, Trinidad

    Angostura 1824, named after the year the company was begun, is a blend of the finest mature rums, hand-picked by the Master Blender from selected casks. These rums are aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of twelve years and then skillfully hand blended and re-casked. Upon the rum's optimum maturity, it is hand-drawn, filtered and bottled. It is then offered in very limited supply for your enjoyment.

    Angostura 1824 is an exceptional premium rum with a captivating aroma of sweet molasses, vanilla, honey and spices and a remarkably long and flavour-packed finish.

    Gold medal: The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2017 - “simple, straightforward and done well”

    Gold Medal: Spirits Business Rum Masters 2017, Dark Rum Aged 8-12 yrs

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  9. Ron Quorhum QRM Rum 12 Years Old, Dominican Republic
    The Dominican Republic is known not only for paradise beaches, but also for very high-quality rum. The Ron Quorhum 12 year old was produced in the classic pot-still-process at Oliver & Oliver distillery and is the successor of the Ron Quorhum 9 years. This rum was stored in high-quality oak barrels, which previously contained bourbon whiskey. A special feature of all Quorhum varieties lies in the fact that 15% of the contents of the younger barrel are fed into the older barrel. This high-quality and perhaps unusual composition lends the rum a special taste and a very noble colour. Whether drunk neat or used to make a high quality Cuba Libre cocktail, the Ron Quorhum 12 years is bound to impress a rum connoisseur and layman alike. Learn More
  10. Centenario Fundacion 20 Year Old Seleccion Premium Rum

    The process to obtain this 20 year old rum comes from the heritage and tradition that has made Centenario the number one rum in Costa Rica and is a clear example of premium quality, ageing and taste.

    Storage in small American bourbon barrels allow for the flavours to pass over into the rum and impart a full-bodied, velvety and delicate nose with cinnamon, toffee notes, exotic fruit essences and a breath of vanilla and tobacco.

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  11. Rum of Martinique, JM XO
    Legendary craft rhum from J.M. - a gold medal winner in THE GLOBAL RUM MASTERS 2016, The Spirits Business.
    Aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels, the elegant copper tone precedes a gorgeous rum on the palate. It has a generous bouquet of toasted nut, lemon and sage on the nose, which compliments the chewy sweet cake as well as the mango and passion fruit flavours. Learn More
  12. Rum of Martinique, JM Brut de Fut

    Aged 100% in re-charred Bourbon barrels, the explosion on your mouth's sensory is matchless.

    Pure Rhum Agricole is delicately aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels and allowed to naturally reduce and bottled at "cask strength" creating a boldly flavoured single vintage aged rhum with tremendous body, redolent of crushed walnuts and pecans, pecan pie and brown sugar. The flavours are more sophisticated, with notes of saddle leather, old wood and tobacco joining the subtle sweetness.

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