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  1. English Country Garden Gin Cocktail

    The Cocktail Pickers Club believe that cocktails should be fresh, fruity and naturally delicious. That's why they use only natural fruits and purées, premium spirits and sweetness from monk fruit, which keeps the cocktails low in sugar. Everything in their bottles is completely natural and lightly pasteurised to keep them fresh - meaning no preservatives. The fruit juice is so pure you can see it settling in the bottle. All it needs is a good 'Cocktail Style' shake before serving, ice cold over crushed ice.

    This English Country Garden Cocktail is a perfectly balanced 'Taste of Britain' made from London Dry Gin, apples and elderflower. A deliciously refreshing, quintessentially English long drink. Garnish with a slice of cucumber and one or two fresh mint leaves.

    Please note: This is a single-serve 200ml bottle.

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  2. Little Feckers 1 Little Feckers Gift Pack New
    Little Feckers Gift Pack

    A mini selection of the great FECKiN spirit selection by Echlinville Distillery. 

    Selection includes 3 X 5cl minis including:

    FECKiN Gin is a gin with citrus and herbaceous notes from the nose through to the finish. Delicate candied lemon aromas begin the journey with juniper undertones and lemon sherbet. There’s an initial bitterness on the tongue as your taste buds switch from lemon and coriander and back again. The flavour develops to a delicate finish with tones of lemon butter cream. Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Lemons, Angelica Root and Cassia Bark.

    Perfect serve: With Fever Tree tonic water and a slice of lemon: transforming it into a sweet nettle tea.


    FECKiN Whiskey Perfectly balanced, this playful spirit has its own unique character and delivers a silky smooth, honeyed finish with gentle malty notes.

    This blend of the highest quality Irish whiskeys has newspaper style labelling with quirky stories on both the front and back of the tall rectangular shaped bottle. Eye catching and unconventional and totally encapsulating the 'craic'. The name is the only non serious part of this super smooth Irish whiskey that can be enjoyed as it comes, on the rocks or with a mixer.


    FECKiN Vodka, from the Echlinville Distillery in Northern Ireland, is a new vodka with a deliciously crisp and clean taste and a lengthy finish. Drink it with your favourite mixer or sip it on its own. 

    The Echlinville Distillery became Northern Ireland's first licenced distillery in over 125 years, distilling its first spirit in 2013. From then it's gone from strength to strength. Historically the production of whiskey has been its forte but more recently ventures in vodka and gin have begun

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  3. Tipsy Tart Midnight Kiss Gin

    The Tipsy tart are well versed in titillating your taste buds with their fabulously, fruity, funky and fun luscious liqueurs and the Midnight Kiss is extra special. 

    Simply add your favourite tonic and watch the sorcery as the gin changes colour in your glass. 

    ‘Blue like the moon and magical like a first kiss’, you wont be dissapointed with this delicious magical gin. 

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  4. Sweet Potato Gin Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Who knew that the most popular of tasty tubers, the sweet potato, can be used to make the most fashionable of spirits? Well, not many people until the same chaps who make Scott Farms Sweet Potato Crisps were asked the question 'can vodka be made from sweet potatoes instead of regular tatties? They decided to find out and The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. was born.

    Try your hand at their London Dry Gin then move on through fruit flavours: Raspberry, Orange and Plum, in this his delightful Sweet Potato Spirit Gin Collection Gift Box. Each of the four little glass bottles hold a generous serve of 50ml - enough for a generous sized glass or a taster to share. Learn More

  5. Bath Time Gin Gift Box
    100% of 100

    In prohibition-era United States, gin was made in small quantities so it went undetected by the police, an old ceramic bathtub was the perfect size. This gift box, with two bottles of ready-mixed gin cocktails and bath accessories is an alternative take on Gin for Bath Time! Bath bombs promise to de-stress and to relax the bather with relaxing aromas of Bergamot, Vetiver and Sweet Basil while the soap dissolves stress away with the delicious scent of Dragon Fruit. A face cloth is also included to pamper the recipient of this most decadent hamper.

    Presented beautifully in a black gift box using white sizzle paper packing and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Fentimans Gin & Tonic (275ml), 1x Fentimans Gin & Rose Lemonade (275ml),  2x Tranquil Bath Bombs (180g each), 1x Dragon Fruit Tropical Soap and 1x Face Cloth. ('Ice' cubes not included).

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  6. Master's Selection Green Apple Gin 1 Master's Selection Green Apple Gin New
    Master's Selection Green Apple Gin

    From the award winning Destilerias MG, Master’s bring you their green apple gin. Packed full with natural apple flavours and powerful aromas, this bright and zesty sour apple tipple titillates the tastebuds and will please all who enjoy fruity spirits. 

    A must try for all gin lovers! Serve with your favourite tonic and ice with a slice or two of fresh apple. We like ours with crushed ice, elderflower tonic and a slice of apple. The perfect summer-feeling tipple.

    Master’s Selection is the result of tri-distillation of grain alcohol in the presence of fruit from various exotic aromatic plants. It was created in 1982 as a revolutionary gin on the market. The liquid has always been distilled using the best methods and the best botanical ingredients. The family-owned distillery is incredibly proud of their creation and keep their family symbol, the lion, on the striking pink bottle.

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