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  1. Little Feckers 1 Little Feckers Pack New
    Little Feckers Pack

    A mini selection of the great FECKiN spirit selection by Echlinville Distillery. 

    Selection includes 3 X 5cl minis including:

    FECKiN Gin is a gin with citrus and herbaceous notes from the nose through to the finish. Delicate candied lemon aromas begin the journey with juniper undertones and lemon sherbet. There’s an initial bitterness on the tongue as your taste buds switch from lemon and coriander and back again. The flavour develops to a delicate finish with tones of lemon butter cream. Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Lemons, Angelica Root and Cassia Bark.

    Perfect serve: With Fever Tree tonic water and a slice of lemon: transforming it into a sweet nettle tea.


    FECKiN Whiskey Perfectly balanced, this playful spirit has its own unique character and delivers a silky smooth, honeyed finish with gentle malty notes.

    This blend of the highest quality Irish whiskeys has newspaper style labelling with quirky stories on both the front and back of the tall rectangular shaped bottle. Eye catching and unconventional and totally encapsulating the 'craic'. The name is the only non serious part of this super smooth Irish whiskey that can be enjoyed as it comes, on the rocks or with a mixer.


    FECKiN Vodka, from the Echlinville Distillery in Northern Ireland, is a new vodka with a deliciously crisp and clean taste and a lengthy finish. Drink it with your favourite mixer or sip it on its own. 

    The Echlinville Distillery became Northern Ireland's first licenced distillery in over 125 years, distilling its first spirit in 2013. From then it's gone from strength to strength. Historically the production of whiskey has been its forte but more recently ventures in vodka and gin have begun

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  2. Premium Gin Tasting Set

    A great tasting selection of premium gins from Sheffield England, Penedes Spain and Northern Ireland. This presentation gift box features 3x 50ml screw cap flasks of these premium gins...

    Sir Robin of Locksley Distilled Artisan Gin (ABV 40.5)
    This Sheffield gin has up-front juniper with more delicate aromas of elderflower bubbling through. It is deliciously smooth and round on the palate with warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion. Pink grapefruit adds an underlying sweetness and lingering citrus finish.

    Gin MG, The Extra Dry London Gin (ABV 40.0)
    GIN MG, created in 1940, has been made by following the traditional London Dry Gin method that does without using cloying sugars that mask juniper flavours. It's unique as the only botanical used in MG Gin is juniper berries picked from the distillery's own trees in the Teruel region. These berries are hand-picked in October and re-selected again in Vilanova before distillation.

    The Enchlinville Irish Pot Still Gin (ABV 46.0)
    From the Lecale Peninsula in Northern Ireland comes the country’s first premium single-estate pot still gin. Echlinville Distillery grow the barley used for the base spirit on the estate and it's malted on a farm close by. To give it a unique flavour they've chosen local botanicals, such as gorse bush petals and Strangford Lough seaweed. The result is a gin with the essence of the land and sea.

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  3. Thirst Aid Kit - Gin & Tonic

    Never be without a lifesaving Gin & Tonic with this essential emergency kit. Comprising GIN MG from the award winning Destilerias MG in Spain, market leading Fever-Tree tonic in their very popular Mediterranean flavour, a pouch of moreish Mr Filbert's simply sea salt mixed nuts, a chrome swizzle stick and re-usable citrus cubes.

    Presented in a metal tin with white sizzle paper packing and a safety-seal label.

    In the tin: 1x Gin MG Miniature bottle (5cl), 1x Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic (20cl), 1x Sea Salt Mixed Nuts (120g), 1x Metal Swizzle Stick  and 1 each Lime & Lemon re-usable ice cubes. Please note: Glass, rosemary garnish, ice, lime & lemon not included.

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  4. Sweet Potato Gin Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Who knew that the most popular of tasty tubers, the sweet potato, can be used to make the most fashionable of spirits? Well, not many people until the same chaps who make Scott Farms Sweet Potato Crisps were asked the question 'can vodka be made from sweet potatoes instead of regular tatties? They decided to find out and The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. was born.

    Try your hand at their London Dry Gin then move on through fruit flavours: Raspberry, Orange and Plum, in this his delightful Sweet Potato Spirit Gin Collection Gift Box. Each of the four little glass bottles hold a generous serve of 50ml - enough for a generous sized glass or a taster to share. Learn More

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  5. Raspberry Gin & Champagne Truffles Gift Box

    A delicious little gift of fruity, funky and fun Tipsy Tart Gin with a hint of Raspberries and melt-in-the-mouth champagne truffles.

    Presented in a black box and finished with a silver bow.

    In the Box: 1x Tipsy Tart Gin with a hint of Raspberry (20cl) and 1x Champagne Truffles (100g). Please note: Slate, Raspberries, glass and ice not included.

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  6. Bath Time Gin Gift Box
    100% of 100

    In prohibition-era United States, gin was made in small quantities so it went undetected by the police, an old ceramic bathtub was the perfect size. This gift box, with two bottles of ready-mixed gin cocktails and bath accessories is an alternative take on Gin for Bath Time! Bath bombs promise to de-stress and to relax the bather with relaxing aromas of Bergamot, Vetiver and Sweet Basil while the soap dissolves stress away with the delicious scent of Dragon Fruit. A face cloth is also included to pamper the recipient of this most decadent hamper.

    Presented beautifully in a black gift box using white sizzle paper packing and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Fentimans Gin & Tonic (275ml), 1x Fentimans Gin & Rose Lemonade (275ml),  2x Tranquil Bath Bombs (180g each), 1x Dragon Fruit Tropical Soap and 1x Face Cloth. ('Ice' cubes not included).

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  7. Sibling Gin Four Seasons Gift Set 4 x 5cl

    Most gin makers buy in their neutral spirit, but Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby of Sibling Distillery create their high-quality base spirit from scratch. Distillation is done in small batches of around 400 bottles, with only the very heart of the distillation bottled. Vapour infusion is often considered the best way to get the best out of the botanicals and this is done right at the final stage, which allows for a complex and distinctive finish without losing characteristically delicate flavours.

    Sibling's Four Seasons Miniature Gift Pack brings together four limited edition Sibling gins, where the botanicals are vapour-infused to create a refined gin with delicate flavours that really shine through. This cute gift set contains each of the limited edition gins in 5cl bottles: Spring (Lemon and Rosemary), Summer (Strawberry and Black Pepper), Autumn (Apple, Blackberry and Cardamom) and Winter (Cranberry and Clementine).

    The perfect way to try all four at any time of the year!

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  8. Master's London Dry Gin Glass Gift Pack

    Enjoy this premium Spanish gin in a specially designed balloon glass, just add a segment of orange!

    Master’s Selection London Dry Gin uses the necessary Spanish estate-grown juniper but adds some other botanicals as well, like Spanish coriander and Guatemalan cardamom. They don’t stop there but also add three different types of Spanish citrus: sweet oranges from Valencia, bitter oranges from Seville, and lemons from Seville as well. Left to soak over 12 months, it makes for a delightfully fruity gin – the citrus trio makes it a very unique profile among gins.

    Inside the presentation box: 1x Master's Selection Gin (70cl) and 1x Balloon Glass.

    To find out more about Master's Gin click here. Learn More
  9. Lovely Mum Strawberry Gin MG Rosa Gift New
    Lovely Mum Strawberry Gin MG Rosa Gift

    A lovely gift for a Lovely Mum who loves gin!
    A printed keepsake gift box with a bottle of delicious Strawberry Gin MG Rosa. Made with love at Destilerias MG Barcelona with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives or enhancers. 

    “A clean and bright pink gin with a nose that presents a fine strawberry and juniper flavour with a pleasant citrus note. The palate is fresh, soft and sweet with a characteristically strawberry flavour".


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  10. Sir Robin of Locksley Gin Gift Box
    100% of 100

    Locksley Gin – forgive us we should use its full title - Sir Robin of Locksley distilled artisan gin is a small batch, hand raised, smooth gin made in Sheffield, Yorkshire so it's a perfect gift for a gin-ophile. Sir Robin is a happy medium between a London Dry and an Old Tom – which is slightly sweeter than London Dry, but slightly drier than the Dutch Jenever. It has a clean, yet rounded mouthfeel, which is great served on its own (a sipping gin) or as part of a cocktail. Named in honour of a favourite Yorkshire lad and local Sheffield legend, Robin Hood. Packaged in a stylish gold gift box and finished with a gold bow, this is a dream gift to send to a gin lover, or perhaps to yourself, if the gin lover is you!

    Please note: Glass, ice and citrus slices are not included.

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  11. Professional Cocktail Set Master's Dry Gin

    Mix cocktails with the finest equipment collated in the Master's Gin Professional Cocktail Shaker Set. Consisting of the most popular and useful bar tools, this cocktail set gives you everything you’ll need to start making cocktails.

    Avoiding the cheapest option, these bar tools are designed and crafted to provide mixologists with the best equipment.

    Each piece is made from the finest grade steel, combined with a high level of corrosion resistance, this barware set is designed to last longer than standard bar tools and would suit professional bartenders.

    In the box: 1x Shaker tin1x Duel Head Measuring Jigger1x Hawthorn Strainer and 1x Classic Bar Spoon. Please note: this set does not included any gin.

    To find out more about Master's Gin click here. Learn More
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