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  1. Sweet Potato Moonshine Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Originally a slang term for illicitely made high-proof spirits made under the cover of darkness, Moonshine has evolved to a smooth, non-burny spirit made from that most popular carb, sweet potatoes. Coming from The Sweet Potato Spirits Company - you may have come across the parent company Scott Farms sweet potato crisps. In fact the opportunity and idea to distil their tasty tubers happened by a chance conversation "Is it possible to make vodka from sweet potatoes?"

    Try your taste-buds on their most popular tipples in The Sweet Potato Spirit Collection Gift Box that features four 5cl miniature glass bottles from the benchmark Moonshine to Toffee Apple, Pink Marshmallow and Chocolate with Chilli.

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  2. Framboise Eau de Vie, Rene de Miscault
    A dry, natural eau de vie (water of life) made by distilling the fermented juice of raspberries grown in Alsace. Fruity but dry and at its best when served ice cold. Great on its own but can also be used to create amazing cocktails. Learn More
  3. Poire William, Rene de Miscault
    A fine quality Alsace eau de vie made with Pear from the Rene de Miscault distillery. Poire William should be slightly chilled and served in a snifter to enhance its vibrant essence. Great on its own but is often used in desserts. Learn More
  4. Kirsch Eau de Cerises, Rene de Miscault
    A quality cherry eau-de-vie (not to be confused with cherry brandy, which is actually a liqueur). Claimed to be the oldest fruit used to make eau-de-vie, this example is great on its own or can be used as for making cocktails or even adding to coffee! Learn More
  5. Mirabelle Eau de Vie, Rene de Miscault
    An eau-de-vie made using Mirabelles (small yellow plums) that are the speciality of Lorraine in eastern France and often used in Jams and Brandies. Rene de Miscault produce an exceptionally clear liquid which is full of flavour. Neat or as a mixer this is one drink that is worth a try. Learn More
  6. Poire William Grande Reserve Eau de Vie 'Carafe with Pear'
    100% of 100
    This special Grande Reserve Poire William is rich and tasty. The Prisoner Pear Jugs that encase the pear are traditionally handmade. In spring, the carafes are hung on pear trees while the fruit ripens and grows inside the bottle. At harvest in August / September, sorting is done in order to select the best fruit, then the decanters are rinsed with water and filled with pear brandy. Learn More
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  7. Poire William Reserve, Williamine Morand
    A delightful Eau de vie made from Valais Williams pears. 9 kg of Williams pears are used to make a single bottle of this intense and fruity water of life. At 48% vol this limited edition is produced from the special reserve of Louis Morand. Serve chilled as a digestif, in a cocktail or a single shot, even as a dessert, to flavour a pear sorbet, vanilla ice cream, or a chocolate topping. Learn More
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