Samurai Junmai Daiginjo Sake

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Samurai Sake, produced by Godo Sushei, is a Junmai Daiginjo sake. Junmai means that this Sake is a “pure rice” sake with no alcohol added. Those particularities will bring rich and expressive sake, a sake that’s easy to drink.
Daiginjo, which literally means "big ginjo," is often the most prized bottling of a sake brewery, representing the height of the brewmaster's ability. A minimum of 50% of the outer rice layers must be polished away to classify a sake as daiginjo.

This Sake has complex fruity aromas with notes of licorice, vanilla, and fresh almonds. The palate is well balanced with a strong attack but rounded mild body.

Sake is very versitile and can be drunk with soda, on the rocks, or used for sake based cocktails. Try it at different temperatures, cool, room temperature, or as a hot sake.

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Product Code ZS2000J
Bottles per case 1
Bottle Size 72cl
Country Japan
Alcohol % by Vol. 16.0%
Alcohol Units 12
Colour Clear
Type Sake
Closure Type Screw Cap
Style Sake
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