Liqueur de Lemoncelo, Briottet

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Lemoncelo - originally spelled "Limoncello" - is a Neapolitan liqueur whose ingredients are lemons, alcohol and sugar. Broittet's Lemoncelo is spelled with only one "L" in order to distinguish our product from the drink made in Naples.

Edmond Briottet

A former wine establishment, the Edmond Briottet firm was set up in 1836. Given the growing popularity of the "white wine-cassis" aperitif, Edmond Briottet decreased operating as a wine trader and instead switched over gradually to producing Crème de Cassis. Since then, each successive generation of the Briottet family has worked at the firm.

The combination of the finest ingredients and Briottet's expertise enables them to produce liqueurs and creams of the highest quality. They have more than 50 different liqueurs including the classic peach liqueur (crème de pêche) and raspberry liqueur (crème de framboise).

The difference between creams and liqueurs arises out of the proportion of sugar employed -- a liqueur contains 100 grammes of sugar per liter at least, versus 250 grammes at least as regards a cream.

Edmond Briottet

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Product Code ZC1045F
Bottles per case 1
Bottle Size 70cl
Country France
Region Dijon
Alcohol % by Vol. 24.0%
Alcohol Units 16.8
Type Liqueur
Closure Type Cork Stopper
Style Liqueur
Grape Type(s) N/A
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