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  • Tasting Collection Alexander Premium Vodka 5 x 40ml

    No longer solely dominated by famous Russian brands, the world of vodka has expanded to feature some great examples from around Europe and the rest of the world. This selection showcases some of the finest vodkas from the top producers on the continent. This presentation gift box features 5x 40ml screw cap flasks of the products below: Krakus Exclusive Polish Vodka (ABV 40.0%) This premium Polish vodka from top producer Polmos owes its smooth taste to the carefully selected Polish grain and crystal clean water. Wratislavia Premium Polish Vodka (ABV 40.0%) Highly prized by connoisseurs, this vodka combines centuries of expertise of Polish master distillers with the essence of 15th century Wroclaw. Colours Original Vodka Alexander (ABV 38.0%) Smooth and delicate, clean and elegant; Italian producers Alexander have conjured this beautifully soft vodka, ideal for sipping after dinner. Colours Lemon Vodka Alexander (ABV 38.0%) Serve this lemon flavoured vodka with ice and lemon zest for a crisp and refreshing twist on a classic. Colours Wildberry Vodka Alexander (ABV 38.0%) This wild berry flavoured option is superb in cocktails but still delicate enough to be enjoyed straight up. Learn More
  • Tasting Collection Daniel Bouju Cognac 3 x 50ml

    Experience the respected craftsmanship of the Daniel Boujou family with this exceptional set of Cognacs. Aged in Limousin oak casks in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, the high standards of production are evident in all Boujou Cognacs.

    This presentation gift box features 3x 50ml screw cap flasks of the products below:

    VS special 1er cru de Cognac, Daniel Bouju (ABV 40.0) This 5 year old amber Cognac exhibits bouquets of cask wood and floral notes. Well-rounded and easy-drinking.

    VSOP 10Yr 1er cru de Cognac, Daniel Bouju (ABV 40.0) Aged for a minimum of ten years, this Cognac is both complex and powerful whilst managing to retain subtle aromas of vanilla and spice.

    XO 25Yr 1er cru de Cognac, Daniel Bouju (ABV 40.0) Aged for 25 years minimum. Enticing scents of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, and prunes accompany a remarkable mouth-feel.

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  • Tasting Collection Alexander Grappa 5 x 40ml

    Bottega produce and distribute products that are typical of quality and design, always original, by expression of tradition and in conformity with their ethics all over the world. These grappas have been specially selected to showcase the best of Italian distillation. Delicious as a digestivo or an accompaniment to coffee, grappa offers a delightful alternative to the usual spirit shelf tipples.

    This presentation gift box features 5x 40ml screw cap flasks of the products below:

    Grappa Bianca Pinot, Tocai (ABV 38.0%) A clean, fresh, and modern offering from Alexander showing hints of fresh fruit and berries. The best seller in the range.

    Grappa Prosecco (ABV 38.0%) This grappa exhibits the distinctive qualities of the Prosecco grape. Soft and slightly peppery with persistent fresh fruit and apple flavours.

    Grappa Amarone (ABV 38.0%) Distilled from the Amarone grape this Grappa has intense aromas with dry persistent taste.

    Grappa Morbida (ABV 38.0%) A fine yet softer, aromatic and more mellow taste. Very smooth and soothing on the palate with a delicious aftertaste.

    Grappa Riserva Barricata 10yr (ABV 43.0%) An aged Amarone grappa, aged in small barriques made from Slavonian and Limousin oaks. Scents of honey, vanilla, cocoa & spices.

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  • Tasting Collection Pacory Calvados Domfrontais 3 x 50ml

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    This fantastic collection of apple-brandy Calvados from Domaine Pacory in the Domfrontais appellation epitomises the fine ways in which Normandy apples have been used in ciders and spirits throughout the centuries. With all fruit grown on the property, the Pacory estate are able to oversee even the finest details during production. This presentation gift box features 3x 40ml screw cap flasks of the products below. Calvados 3yr Fermier Domaine Pacory (ABV 42.0) This younger example of Calvados, aged for a minimum of three years, showcases a different side of the drink; fruity, vibrant, and fresh. Calvados VSOP Domfrontais Domaine Pacory (ABV 42.0) Vivid and powerful in the mouth, this Very Special Old Pale edition puts real emphasis on the pear flavour within the Calvados. Calvados 20Yr Domfrontais Domaine Pacory (ABV 40.0) Similar to the 12 year old Calvados du Domfrontais, the extra years of oak ageing add a real complexity without sacrificing any of the smoothness. A big hitter. Learn More

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