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  • Alexander, Grappa Bianca

    Grappa is (one of) Italy's favourite digestives and this fresh, clean and modern offering from Alexander is an ideal addition to any drinks cabinet. Presented in a branded gift box it has real presence with its unique style. Great as a gift or an indulgence.

    It's a soft and fragrant grappa that's refined in steel barrels for 6 months so that all the aromas mix together perfectly. There are aromas of fresh fruit and berries while the taste is fresh and powerful with persistent fruit flavour

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  • Tasting Collection Alexander Grappa 5 x 40ml

    Bottega produce and distribute products that are typical of quality and design, always original, by expression of tradition and in conformity with their ethics all over the world. These grappas have been specially selected to showcase the best of Italian distillation. Delicious as a digestivo or an accompaniment to coffee, grappa offers a delightful alternative to the usual spirit shelf tipples.

    This presentation gift box features 5x 40ml screw cap flasks of the products below:

    Grappa Bianca Pinot, Tocai (ABV 38.0%) A clean, fresh, and modern offering from Alexander showing hints of fresh fruit and berries. The best seller in the range.

    Grappa Prosecco (ABV 38.0%) This grappa exhibits the distinctive qualities of the Prosecco grape. Soft and slightly peppery with persistent fresh fruit and apple flavours.

    Grappa Amarone (ABV 38.0%) Distilled from the Amarone grape this Grappa has intense aromas with dry persistent taste.

    Grappa Morbida (ABV 38.0%) A fine yet softer, aromatic and more mellow taste. Very smooth and soothing on the palate with a delicious aftertaste.

    Grappa Riserva Barricata 10yr (ABV 43.0%) An aged Amarone grappa, aged in small barriques made from Slavonian and Limousin oaks. Scents of honey, vanilla, cocoa & spices.

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  • Alexander Grappa di Prosecco

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    Grappa is uniquely Italian drink and this 'Grappa di Prosecco' is one of the flagships of the Alexander range. It is the result of a delicate distillation in steam stills, followed by an ageing period of a few months in stainless steel barrels. It is characterized by the incomparable fresh fruit and golden apple aroma anticipating a soft, round and harmonious impact on the palate. Most commonly sipped as a digestif after meals, Grappa is also great in cocktails and long drinks. It is also traditionally used in espresso coffee to make a 'caffè corretto' - an espresso coffee with a few drops of grappa. In the Veneto and Friuli regions of Italy the locals will use it to dilute the last drops of coffee remaining on the bottom of the cup. This is called 'resentin' which roughly translates as 'little rinser' which is exactly what it is. If you want to try one, take an espresso with a little sugar, drink it down, then pour a few drops (or more if you are cheating) of grappa into the cup, swirl it around to rinse out the last of the coffee, and swallow. Cin cin! Learn More
  • Grappa Sandro Bottega Morbida

    The flavour of grappa, like that of wine, depends in part on the type of the grapes used. In Bottega's Grappa Morbida the marcs (the solid remains of grapes, after pressing for juice) are obtained from Pinot and Glera, two varieties widespread in the Veneto region. After discontinuous steam-distillation inside stills, it is left ageing and improving over a few months in stainless steel containers.

    Morbida translates as soft or more accurately mellow and this grappa is aromatic, smooth and with less of the burning sensation than others.

    Grappa can help digestion, so it's perfect after meals. It can be drunk cold or even chilled, used as ingredient for cocktails and long drinks and is a great accompaniment to dark chocolate. The Italians will have a caffè corretto (a few drops of grappa in an espresso coffee) and, in Veneto and Friuli, they will dilute the last drops of coffee on the bottom of the cup which is called resentin translating as 'little rinser'.

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  • Alexander Grappa d'Amarone in Presentation Box

    Alexander make a selection of fine Grappa which are produced in small quantities for the connoisseur. Distilled from the Amarone grape this Grappa has intense aromas with dry persistant taste. Learn More
  • Alexander Grappa Brunello di Montalcino

    Alexander make a selection of fine Grappa which are produced in small quantities for the connoisseur. From the marc of Brunello di Montalcino which is one of Italy's best known premium wines this Grappa has aromas of red currants and cherries with a subtle aftertaste of vanilla and spice. Learn More
  • Alexander Grappa di Nebbiolo da Barolo

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    Alexander make a selection of fine Grappa which are produced in small quantities for the connoisseur. Distilled from the Nebbiolo da Barolo grape this Grappa has vanilla aromas with full on, dry taste. Learn More
  • Grappa Riserva Privata Barricata Prosecco, Amarone Cabernet, Aged

    Riserva Privata is an excellent selection of Amarone, Cabernet and Prosecco grappas aged in small barriques, made of Slavonian, Limousin and American oaks. They have been kept in cellar during 10 years. A bouquet of honey and vanilla and an intense round taste with eleganct scents of noble woods. Learn More
  • Murrina Prosecco Grappa, Alexander 20cl

    Murrina is a small multi-coloured mosaic that gives origin to a precious geometrical pattern. Every bottle becomes a unique piece with murrina outside the Alexander blown-glasses. Alexander Grappa di Chardonnay is steam distilled from the marc and then refined for several months in stainless steel containers resulting in a high quality, crystal clear Grappa. Presented in a branded Alexander tin. Learn More

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