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  • Sweet Potato Gin Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Who knew that the most popular of tasty tubers, the sweet potato, can be used to make the most fashionable of spirits? Well, not many people until the same chaps who make Scott Farms Sweet Potato Crisps were asked the question 'can vodka be made from sweet potatoes instead of regular tatties? They decided to find out and The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. was born.

    Try your hand at their London Dry Gin then move on through fruit flavours: Raspberry, Orange and Plum, in this his delightful Sweet Potato Spirit Gin Collection Gift Box. Each of the four little glass bottles hold a generous serve of 50ml - enough for a generous sized glass or a taster to share. Learn More

  • Thirst Aid Kit - Gin & Tonic

    Never be without a lifesaving Gin & Tonic with this essential emergency kit. Comprising GIN MG from the award winning Destilerias MG in Spain, market leading Fever-Tree tonic in their very popular Mediterranean flavour, a pouch of moreish Mr Filbert's simply sea salt mixed nuts, a chrome swizzle stick and re-usable citrus cubes.

    Presented in a metal tin with white sizzle paper packing and a safety-seal label.

    In the tin: 1x Gin MG Miniature bottle (5cl), 1x Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic (20cl), 1x Sea Salt Mixed Nuts (120g), 1x Metal Swizzle Stick  and 1 each Lime & Lemon re-usable ice cubes. Please note: Glass, rosemary garnish, ice, lime & lemon not included.

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  • Sweet Potato Moonshine Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Originally a slang term for illicitely made high-proof spirits made under the cover of darkness, Moonshine has evolved to a smooth, non-burny spirit made from that most popular carb, sweet potatoes. Coming from The Sweet Potato Spirits Company - you may have come across the parent company Scott Farms sweet potato crisps. In fact the opportunity and idea to distil their tasty tubers happened by a chance conversation "Is it possible to make vodka from sweet potatoes?"

    Try your taste-buds on their most popular tipples in The Sweet Potato Spirit Collection Gift Box that features four 5cl miniature glass bottles from the benchmark Moonshine to Toffee Apple, Pink Marshmallow and Chocolate with Chilli.

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  • Bella Italia, Italian Wine Pair & Chocolate Truffles

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    This boxed gift set comes with two delicious Italian wines and a box of luxury Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles.
    1x Lupo Nero Bianco
    1x Lupo Nero Rosso
    1x Chocolate Marc de Champagne Fantaisie Truffles, 100g
    Presented in a 2 bottle card gift box
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  • The Savoury Belgian Blonde Gift

    Snacks and beer - a match made in heaven. The Savoury Belgian Blonde Gift hamper holds a big bottle of thirst quenching Belgian beer, some moreish nuts, a pouch of olives and a colourful painted tapas bowl. 

    Presented in a black box with white sizzle paper packing and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Double Enghien Blonde Beer (75cl), 1x Mr Filbert's Pink Peruvian Peppercorn Cashews & Peanuts (120g), 1x Olives (241g) and 1x Tapas Bowl.

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  • Tipsy Rhubarb Gin & Sweets Gift Box

    Traditional has gone tipsy with this tasty gift box of sweet and tangy rhubarb gin and classic boiled sweets.

    Rhubarb gin poured over cracked ice is the perfect match to a little nostalgic trip down memory lane with Joseph Dobson’s traditional Rhubarb & Custard boiled sweets, the perfect combination with zingy rhubarb and the rich, luxuriousness of the sweet, creamy custard.

    Presented in a black box and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Tipsy Tart Rhubarb Gin (20cl) and 1x Rhubarb & Custard Sweets (180g).

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  • Bottega Gold Metallic Prosecco in Organza bag

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    The finest Prosecco, Bottega Gold is a Prosecco DOC obtained by the vinification in white of the Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills. Presented in a Venetian gold bottle, the grapes for this sparkling wine are hand picked to give an elegant and fresh taste with a fine perlage. The golden bottle not only looks exquisite but preserves it's aroma and freshness.

    Presented beautifully in a gold organza bag.

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  • Pink Marshmallow Liqueur & Truffles Gift Box

    Fluffy vanilla caramel, expertly blended with sublimely smooth sweet potato spirit, delivers a gentle marshmallow experience in this charming pink gift set with marc de champagne chocolate truffles.

    Presented in a pink gift box and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Liqueur (50cl) and 1x Champagne Truffles (100g). Please note: Marshmallows, truffle dish, glass and ice not included.

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  • Chocolate Liqueur & Truffles Gift Box

    Chocoholics rejoice! The humble sweet potato is transformed into a delicious moonshine liqueur with rich chocolate notes, smooth dark chocolate and a piquant of fresh chilli heat at the end. Paired with a golden box of French Champagne truffles this truffle-tastic treat will delight a sweet tooth!

    Presented in a leather-effect gift box and finished with a gold bow.

    In the box: 1x Sweet Potato Chocolate Moonshine with Chilli Liqueur (50cl) and 1x Chocolate Truffles (100g). Please note: Glass, ice, chilli, slate and truffle dish not included.

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  • Sibling Gin Four Seasons Gift Set 4 x 5cl

    Most gin makers buy in their neutral spirit, but Felix, Clarice, Cicely and Digby of Sibling Distillery create their high-quality base vodka from scratch. Distillation is done in small batches of around 400 bottles, with only the very heart of the distillation bottled. Vapour infusion is often considered the best way to get the best out of the botanicals and this is done right at the final stage, which allows for a complex and distinctive finish without losing characteristically delicate flavours.

    Sibling's Four Seasons Miniature Gift Pack brings together four limited edition Sibling gins, where the botanicals are vapour-infused to create a refined gin with delicate flavours that really shine through. This cute gift set contains each of the limited edition gins in 5cl bottles: Spring (Lemon and Rosemary), Summer (Strawberry and Black Pepper), Autumn (Apple, Blackberry and Cardamom) and Winter (Cranberry and Clementine).

    The perfect way to try all four at any time of the year!

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  • Bordeaux Twin in Gold Gift Box

    Originally established in 1850 the Chateau Haut Terrier was taken over by the Denechaud family in 1974. They continue to produce traditional wines in the spirit of the original winemakers of the region but using modern techniques to produce superior wines. We have put together their Merlot/Cabernet blend red and a great Bordeaux blanc made from Sauvignon/Colombard grapes which are left on their lees for 4 months to give a more complex flavour.

    Packed in a luxury gold gift box and finished with a gold bow.

    1x Chateau Haut Terrier Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux Sauvignon,
    1x Chateau Haut Terrier Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux red,
    Presented in a gold 2 bottle card gift box
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  • Friday Chic Gin Kiss, Limited Edition

    Enjoy this limited edition Friday Chic gin covered with lipstick kisses!. Produced by Caves da Montanha, a family business with over seven decades of history and extensive experience in the distillation of spirits. Based in the Portuguese wine producing region, Bairrada, which has no doubt influenced the inclusion of vine leaf in the botanicals.

    Smooth on the palate, the Friday Chic is composed of five botanicals: juniper, cardamom, rose petals, orange blossom and vine leaf. It is floral and fruity with citrus notes of orange blossom and tropical fruit nuances, think passion fruit, mango and papaya. The vine leaf gives Friday an aromatic aftertaste, typical of the Baga grape, which grows in the Bairrada region. It has a final soft and smooth mouth, influenced by rose petals.

    Bronze Medal winner at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2016

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