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  1. Sweet Potato Moonshine Assortment 4 x 5cl

    Originally a slang term for illicitely made high-proof spirits made under the cover of darkness, Moonshine has evolved to a smooth, non-burny spirit made from that most popular carb, sweet potatoes. Coming from The Sweet Potato Spirits Company - you may have come across the parent company Scott Farms sweet potato crisps. In fact the opportunity and idea to distil their tasty tubers happened by a chance conversation "Is it possible to make vodka from sweet potatoes?"

    Try your taste-buds on their most popular tipples in The Sweet Potato Spirit Collection Gift Box that features four 5cl miniature glass bottles from the benchmark Moonshine to Toffee Apple, Pink Marshmallow and Chocolate with Chilli.

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  2. Le Grand Duc Wine & Truffles Twin Gift Box

    Featuring a two Reserve wines, a Carignan/Merlot and Vermentino/Grenache, the Le Grand Duc Wine & Truffles Gift box is joined by a box of Champagne chocolate truffles. Both Le Grand Duc wines are easy drinking - an ideal gift.

    Presented in a leather-effect gift box and finished with a gold bow.

    In the box: 1x Le Grand Duc Dry White (75cl), 1x Le Grand Duc Dry Red (75cl) and 1x Champagne Truffles (100g).

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  3. Bath Time Gin Gift Box
    100% of 100

    In prohibition-era United States, gin was made in small quantities so it went undetected by the police, an old ceramic bathtub was the perfect size. This gift box, with two bottles of ready-mixed gin cocktails and bath accessories is an alternative take on Gin for Bath Time! Bath bombs promise to de-stress and to relax the bather with relaxing aromas of Bergamot, Vetiver and Sweet Basil while the soap dissolves stress away with the delicious scent of Dragon Fruit. A face cloth is also included to pamper the recipient of this most decadent hamper.

    Presented beautifully in a black gift box using white sizzle paper packing and finished with a silver bow.

    In the box: 1x Fentimans Gin & Tonic (275ml), 1x Fentimans Gin & Rose Lemonade (275ml),  2x Tranquil Bath Bombs (180g each), 1x Dragon Fruit Tropical Soap and 1x Face Cloth. ('Ice' cubes not included).

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  4. Luxury Vintage Prosecco and Sparkling Rose Gift

    A luxurious gift twin of vintage Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé.

    Presented in a pink gift box and finished with a big silver bow.

    In the box: 1x 8 Secco Prosecco (75cl) and 1x 8 Secco Sparkling Rosé (75cl).

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  5. Berton Deluxe Duo with Champagne Truffles

    Picking a wine gift for someone can be a little tricky so we've chosen two popular wines from the Berton Metal Label range and added a delicious tin of champagne truffles. A fabulous gift for any wine lover and beautifully presented in a premium red gift box.

    Case contains:
    1 x Berton Vineyards The Black Shiraz Metal Label
    1 x Berton Vineyards Classic Chardonnay Metal Label
    1 x Chocolate Marc of Champagne Fantaisie Truffles
    1 x Red Gift Box
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  6. Mini Chocolate Liqueur Gift Pack

    Made for a chocoholic the Mini Chocolate Liqueurs gift is perfect for a sweet tooth. Two mini bottles of chocolate liqueur, matching glasses and a box of decadent chocolate truffles complete the treat.

    Bottega’s delicious and creamy grappa liqueurs are perfect as an after-dinner drink or as an alternative to coffee. Fior di Latte (white chocolate & grappa liqueur) is fabulous chilled or used in cocktails, as is Gianduia, a creamy chocolate, hazelnut & grappa liqueur, not dissimilar to a very popular chocolate spread. A box of delicious champagne infused chocolate truffles and two Bottega liqueur glasses make this gift an indulgence not to be ignored!

    In the box: 1x Bottega Gianduia (200ml) and 1x Bottega Fior di Latte (200ml), 2x Bottega Liqueur Glasses and 1x Champagne Truffles (100g). Please note: Truffle dish and decorations not included.

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  7. Floc de Gascogne Twin Gift Pack
    With an unexpected complicity between the Armagnac and the grape juice, Floc de Gascogne has a rich aroma and a sweet and warming taste. Perfect as an aperitif, with melons and dessert. This gift includes a bottle of both the white and rose Floc de Gascogne from the Delord estate which was founded in 1893. Presented in a red gift box and finished with a bow. Learn More
  8. Luxury Prosecco Hamper
    This wicker hamper contains two of Bottega's most glamorous products; one classic sparkling Prosecco wine in a gold metallic bottle and one sparkling rosé in a pink metallic bottle.
    1 x Rose Gold Bottega (Metallic Bottle) NV
    1 x Vino di Poeti Gold Prosecco, Bottega NV
    Presented in a Wicker Hamper with pink packing
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  9. Berton Vineyards Metal Label Taster Six

    A perfect introduction to the Berton Vineyards Metal Label wines and the fantastic quality that Australia can produce. Find 2 reds, 3 whites and one slightly sweet, slightly sparkling white in this mixed selection box.

    Presented in a red gift box.

    In the box: 1x The Black Shiraz (75cl), 1x Cabernet Sauvignon (75cl), 1x Classic Chardonnay (75cl), 1x Sauvignon Blanc (75cl), 1x The White Viognier (75cl) and 1x Moscato Frizzante (75cl). (Wine glass not included).

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