Calvados Domfrontais Hors d age, Domaine Pacory

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Calvados producers are absolutely obsessed with preserving the flavours of the fruit. The slow marriage of spirit, oxygen and just a little wood provides the most elegant balance you could imagine.

Calvados is an apple brandy which has been made in the Normandy area. The apples are fermented and the product distilled twice. The liquid is then matured in oak for 7-10 years for this Calvados. Domfrontais is blended from approximately 70% pears and 30% apples. This distinctive Hors d'age Calvados from Domaine Pacory is of outstanding quality.


Frederic Pacory took over the family farm, the Domaine Grimaux, at the beginning of the 1990's. His father produced Calvados, as did his Grandfather. Today the family run estate produce a fine range of Cidre and Calvados and pride themselves on the excellent quality of their products. In addition to the pear and apple trees on the property, the family also raise Norman cows.

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Product Code ZQ2020FHA
Bottles per case 1
Bottle Size 70cl
Country France
Region Normandy
Alcohol % by Vol. 42.0%
Alcohol Units 29.4
Colour Amber
Type Calvados
Closure Type Cork Stopper
Style Spirit
Grape Type(s) N/A
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