Chateau Heritage Vinoix 50cl Half Litre

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This is an aperitif wine, made according to a secret family recipe that was passed on from generation to generation in the Touma family. The sweet wine made out of Muscat, and Ugni-Blanc, and macerated over green walnuts, give this wine a unique taste that is sure to be a surprise. To be drunk chilled as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink.

Chateau Heritage

Most wine history books agree there is no doubt wine was first made in the Middle East. Noah, Naboth, Christ, St. Paul, the great Roman Temple at Baalbeck, are all but few of the evidence that support this fact, Theories even exist to suggest that a large number of red and white grape varieties were distributed as far as Europe by the Phoenicians from what is now Lebanon, and are ancestors to many of the grape varieties today.

And so it was that in 1888, Jibran Elias Touma established one of the first wineries and distilleries in Lebanon in the small town of Kab-elias in the Bekaa Valley to produce wine and Arak the national Lebanese drink.

Continuing in the family tradition of his father and his grand fathers, Dr. Dargham Elias Touma has combined the winemaking art of his heritage with a PhD in food and beverage science specializing in the "Grand Vin", the high quality wines that age. Thus was the birth of "HERITAGE", a new class of Lebanese Wine.

Chateau Heritage

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Product Code LE5505L13
Bottles per case 12
Vintage 2013
Bottle Size 50cl
Country Lebanon
Region Bekaa Valley
Alcohol % by Vol. 20.0%
Alcohol Units 10.0
Vegetarian & Vegan Vegetarian suitable, Vegan suitable
Colour White
Type Dessert Wine
Closure Type Cork
Style Dessert - Medium Sweet
Grape Type(s) Muscat, Ugni-Blanc
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